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Polo is probably the earliest team sporting activity, although the origins of the sports are unidentified. It was probably first played by nomadic warriors over two thousand years ago; however, the first recorded tournament was in 600 B.C. in between the Turkomans as well as the Persians, the Turkomans were victorious. The name is meant to have originated from the Tibetan “pholo” meaning “sphere” or “ball game”. It is since these origins in Persia that the sport has been associated with the rich and honorable of culture; the sport was played by Kings, Princes as well as Queens in Persia. Polo has additionally been linked to the middle, as well as top classes in the recent British past, particularly with its beginnings in Britain being with the militia. This is likewise probably as a result of it being, as a game played on horseback as well as requiring at the least 2 steeds per game, an expensive hobby to keep.

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Used equine back, between ages it was used in the training of Mounties throughout the East, from Japan to Constantinople, as well as was played nearly as a miniature battle. It first ended up being known to western individuals through British tea-planters in Manipur, in between Burma and India, as well as it spread to Malta with soldiers as well as marine policemen. In 1869, the initial game in Britain, of “hockey on horseback” as it was referred to at first, was organized on Hounslow Health by officers pointed at Aldershot, one of whom had read about the game in a magazine.

The first authorities created guidelines, on which the present international policies are based, were not created up until the 19th Century by Irishman Captain John Watson of the British Mounties 13th Hussars. These were modified in 1874 to produce the Hurlingham Rules, restricting the variety of gamers on each group.

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