Things To Consider When Choosing A Stroller

In the wake of the many purchases in anticipation of the baby’s arrival, the choice of a stroller should not be neglected. She will become your best friend! Thanks to her, you will be able to go wherever you want with your baby. Your pace of life, where you live, and your favorite activities will necessarily influence your purchase.

But, indeed, choosing a stroller is a complex and arid task. There are as many models as there are necessities, and all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Criteria To Linger

Before you even start your research, ask yourself what the essentials are for you.

  • Lightness: will you go up to the 4th floor every day with the stroller in your arms?
  • Maneuverability: Will you be shopping for groceries with your stroller or even shopping malls? Do you go for walks in cramped, crowded places?
  • All-terrain: Do you run or go for walks in the forest regularly? Do you like to walk in the snow (and in the snow!) Will you have to go out with your stroller every day, rain or shine?
  • Compact: do you have little room to store it? Should she get into a small car trunk? Do you often go on trips? These are several circumstances where a compact stroller, such as an umbrella-type stroller, is essential.
  • Transformable: do you want it to adapt to your growing child? Use it with the newborn bench or the pram? Thinking of having another child soon afterward, and you would like it to transform into a double stroller?
  • The price: a significant element! Strollers, there are all prices. Sometimes you have to put it all in perspective and remember that the goal is to go for a walk with your baby!

No stroller is perfect. But some have more advantages depending on who you are and the lifestyle you will have with your little one.

Three Main Categories Of Strollers

To begin your research, you will notice that strollers are often categorized, which in some way reflects the criteria to focus on. They help you identify what type of mom you will be and what your needs will be.

The Classic Stroller

They are the simplest and cheapest strollers. They are equipped with four wheels, single or double, often plastic, and the car seat is easily installed on their frame. It is best to use them on level surfaces, either before the snow, on open sidewalks, or for walks in shopping centers. It is, on the other hand, less maneuverable, and therefore not recommended for great athletes.

The Transformable Stroller

They are the ideal strollers like wonderfold for the city. They are perfect for making your way through a crowd between two restaurant tables. Their excellent maneuverability is appreciated by city dwellers who often get around on foot. The rear wheels are more significant than the front ones and are often tubed. Their advantage is their versatility which offers several possibilities as to the position of the seat or the handle. However, they are often less compact when folded and more expensive.

The All-Terrain Stroller

These strollers usually have three larger diameter wheels with studs and an inner tube. They thus offer better performance for running enthusiasts or for athletes wishing to get off the beaten track. They are, on the other hand, much bulkier and heavier than the previous two.