How To Make Your Cellar Waterproof Again?

The underground car park and the cellar often face different humidity problems. If immediate action is not taken, it can reduce your property’s value in the context of a sale. To make your room waterproof, you can do some simple and easy DIY work, but we suggest that you get the service of a professional to look into this issue as also when you want to install speed bumps and humps Unimat in your parking lot.

Moisture Problems In A Garage

When you notice any moisture problem, you must identify the situation to undertake the most suitable treatment. It can affect the floor, the walls, or even both. A diagnosis allows you to take the necessary corrective actions. If the problems are not taken seriously very quickly, the damage can result in significant renovations.

There are many origins of humidity. But it is essential to know that an underground car park is naturally humid. It would be best if you then treated it as it should not cause harmful damage. Indeed, an untreated wet room can potentially disrupt the strength of your construction. It can also cause threatening cracks in the walls. The molds that appear are very new to your health and that of those around you.

Perform A Humidity Diagnosis

The diagnosis lets you know if humidity has covered your garage. To do this, you must observe very closely the various symptoms that prove the presence of water in your room:

• Presence of halos

• Presence of condensation in the wall

• Detachment of the coverings on the walls and floors

• Proliferation of saltpeter and mold in walls, fabrics, and joints

• Cracks in woods, the appearance of cottony-looking white fungi.

You can trust a competent professional to diagnose the humidity in your room. He is perfectly able to define the real causes and the treatment that exactly matches your problems.