Writing For Your Success: 4 Digital Tools To Write Fast And Efficiently In Digital Age

Some may consider that technology tends to make people lazy, arguing that these devices keep us from performing on hand tasks and physical activities on a day to day basis. Though, one cannot deny the fact that through the advantages of these technology and digital developments, we become more productive and innovative as time went on, especially when it comes to different fields, may it be on business or in writing.

In a world which is constantly changing technology is definitely one of the fastest to evolve. Social Media writers and copywriters have become one of the most in demand professions. Music streaming companies such as Spotify constantly post promotions with written text added with the music emoji to emphasize to their leads and their users that they are indeed promoting and associated with music. Their posts are usually short yet very eye-catching.

The introduction of software like Microsoft Word and Google Docs makes creating documents and paperwork such as tests, learning activities, and brochures much easier and accessible. It will also make your writing skills sharp and as eloquent and your writing polished and effective as it should be. 

Through all these applications, the job of editing, revising, and proofreading is made much painless and less time-consuming. Now, here are some of the tools that will help your writing be much more fruitful, potent by not wasting so much time. So, you might as well get your pens and papers ready. I mean your laptops or computers turned on.

Word counter

It is truly important to have a full grasp of the word count in your write-ups. There is a certain time where a writer has to write with a maximum or a minimum number of words, may it be in a novel, story, article, essay, research paper, or even report. Thus, through this digital tool, Wordcounter, it will guide you in reaching your specific goal or staying in a particular limit in your write up. The most exciting thing about Wordcounter is it gives you full details in your writing progress.

This digital technology counts the characters or the words in your document, and aside from all that Wordcounter will help you buff and smooth out the rough edges in your writing, improve your usage of words, and detect your grammar mistakes and plagiarism too. With this tool, you can see the words in your document fluctuating. The Wordcounter also has the Auto-save feature, which comes in handy when an unfortunate event wants to terrorize you. So you do not have to worry about losing your progress and any change as you edit.


Some of you might think that this is a position in yoga, and it might be, but in this case, ASANA is a fantastic task management platform where you can create projects and then break it into tasks and tasks to subtasks if you feel like it. The great thing about this tool ASANA is it allows you to set your list of tasks that should be prioritized. Thus, saving a lot of time that goes on thinking of what you are going to do next, therefore enabling a more cohesive and smooth workflow. Moreover, you can also set alarms and due dates on the tasks that will help you beat the deadline at hand. And you know what is the best thing about it? This digital tool is for free!


If you are easily distracted by the glamour and galore of the social media sending ours and hours into it and ending up not getting work done, well, I am with you with that. Sometimes, stuff like that can be frustrating, irritating, annoying, and counterproductive. This tool FocusWriter provides a simple environment that is distraction-free by having a hide-away interface that can be utilized by merely moving your mouse. Through that, you will be left with yourself and a blank page to work your magic.

Cliché Finder

Who wants to have cliché stuff reflected all over their write-ups. I guess none of us wants to be around them. In fact, we try so hard to steer away from them that we are in a constant battle for new and refreshing phrases to emulate in our text that will make it unique and stand-out for all the right reasons. In writing, it is very crucial to avoid the unforgivable crime of overusing words, phrases, and even expressions throughout your text to effectively communicate with your audience or readers.

But sometimes, there are some instances in which it is hard for us to notice within ourselves if we may have used some clichés, and it takes a lot of time. So, having the Cliché Finder at the tip of your hands is beneficial to write efficiently. This tool will help you identify the words and phrases that are overused by highlighting it so you can effectively eliminate and/or replace them.


In this digital age, the world of technology has a lot of tricks on their sleeves. With tons and tons of writing tools available all around the internet, writing more efficiently is much easier to uphold.