When it’s Time to Service Your Torque Converter

Engine, bodywork, and wheels are some of the 1st vehicle parts that come to mind if you were asked to list car parts. Some people who are more experienced with vehicles may list suspension or the gearbox as the 1st parts that come to mind. 

It is not common that the torque converter on vehicles is the 1st to come mind. Regardless of the torque converter coming to mind 1st, it is actually a very important car part. Your car will not run as good as you may like it to without the torque converter. 

Let’s talk about why the torque converter is an important part of your car. But to understand why the torque converter is vital when it comes to car parts is because you must 1st understand car transmissions. 

For a manual transmission controlled car, a clutch is needed. The transmission and engine are connected by the clutch. A person will have to restart their vehicle each time they stop their car without a clutch when driving a manual transmission vehicle. Unlike manual transmission cars, an automatic transmission car does not have a clutch and that separates the transmission and the engine. This is where the torque converter takes place. A torque converter lets the transmission and engine move more independently. 

To most people it is not common knowledge to know what a torque comes to Burger does although it is a very important part of a car. Torque converters are made of 4 major items: a turbine pump, transmission fluid, and a stator. All of these parts or extremely durable and allows the whole mechanism to connect to the flywheel of a car. This will allow the torque converter to move about the same speed as the engine. The small fins are able to make a connection with the flywheel due to the pump of the torque converter. 

Torque converter service is extremely important. A vacuum is created to deliver more fluid to the middle parts of the device. The fluid then goes into the turbine, which is the next piece of the torque converter. This causes the fluid to help the transmission to spin which makes the car move. The fluid goes out a different direction than when it 1st entered the torque converter. The pump and the transmission fluid should not come in contact with one another, which is where the stator takes place. There are great benefits to having a torque converter service. 

Torque converters allow your vehicle to make a come to a complete stop without causing the engine to stall. When a vehicle stops fully, it makes enhances your car driving experience better. Vehicles can have mechanical issues if the engine is frequently stalled. The torque will act as a multiplier when an engine is moving at a faster-paced than the transmission. In this case, a torque converter will multiply by 2 or 3 times the normal amount. A small amount of power can occur when transmission in engines move a close speed. When a torque converter starts to have issues, it must be fixed. Since torque converter is very delicate to handle, no one should try fixing it on their own. A professional should handle the job of replacing a torque converter. 

Normally, the cost of having this part replaced costs between $600-$1000 upfront. Although the price for the part is only about $150-$300, the labor is the expensive part of the torque replacement.