What You Need To Know If You Have Been Towed

You come back, your taxi York is gone. Stuck or towed? A call to the police gives the first information about what has happened. If the vehicle has been towed, one receives information about which company has taken the vehicle “on the hook” and where it can be picked up.

When Can A Car Be Towed

Police are lugging for two reasons: security and law enforcement. Dangerous defense means a danger to the car as well as dangers emanating from the car. The latter is the case, for example, with wrong parkers, or when oil or gasoline escapes. To protect cars may be towed because of tree felling or construction sites.

After accidents, it can happen that the accident car is secured while the driver is in the hospital. Law enforcement, on the other hand, knows two basic scenarios: First, the vehicle is used as evidence because it is stolen, for example, was paid with black money, or the driver has committed an accident. Second, the car is not roadworthy.

How Much Is Towing

The amount of towing costs varies from case to case. Towing to the depositary is estimated at around $ 200, depending on the pickup location and towing company. Because every towing service (บริการรถลากจูง which is the term in Thai) has its tariffs, each additional day on which the car is parked in the depository costs nine dollars- with the next day starting at 8 pm according to the fee schedule. Moving the car inside the city is almost as costly. An empty drive of the tow truck costs about 100 dollars. The postage for the police letter to the vehicle owner will be charged with 3.45 dollars but still comes with wrong parkers the speeding ticket.