What You Need To Know Before Your Bmat Exam

To enroll in Medicine is a challenging and ambitious choice that finds its first obstacles already at the time of the admission test. Yet, according to the data presented today, 94% of young people who come from high school and decide to take this path do it. The highest percentage of enrolled students comes from scientific high school, 68%, while 26% of aspiring doctors come from classic. This is despite the test questions ranging from biology to chemistry, through math and physics, subjects studied in-depth also in the technical institutes from which, however, only a meager percentage of enrolled students. This is because the questions of logic and general culture are probably more critical in the Medical tests than the technical knowledge, given that 30 of a total of 60 are included in each admission test.

Can The School Prepare You For The Exam?

In short, the specific preparation for the Bmat exam(ข้อสอบ bmat which is the term in thai) is the favourite of those who pass the admission test to Medicine. This is even though the vast majority of registered students, 81%, have a diploma mark higher than 80/100. Precisely this data could bring out the fact that the school alone is not enough to prepare the children for the entrance tests and that for this reason, they decide to run for cover by equipping themselves with specific courses and texts.

Alpha Test Is A Must

The survey shows that 84% of those admitted to Medicina have used at least one tool proposed by Alpha Test, a leading company in preparation for entry tests. About 80% of the books used are Alpha Test manuals, and those who carried out online exercises or simulations did so in 97% of cases on the content provided by the well-known publisher. The course sector is more competitive, although the percentage of those who choose an Alpha Test course is still the highest (41%). The quality and the degree of advisability recorded by the Alpha Test instruments are also high: greater than 4 (scale 1-5) in all the product lines investigated (books, courses, online).