What is the appeal of Waterhog entrance floor mats?

Waterhog entry mats are the most common form of floor mats on the market today. They are used by many sorts of enterprises, from hotels to restaurants. These big mats are recognized for being durable enough to survive for years, even under the harshest of conditions.

Waterhog Masterpiece entrance mats are composed of heavy-duty polypropylene that is stain and mildew resistant. The eco series is constructed of crush-proof material that is safe for the environment while also protecting your guests and your floors.

Waterhog front door mats

Given the importance of floor mats, businesses want long-lasting mats that can be relied on to perform the job. These mats keep visitors from dragging dirt and wetness into your facility, lessen the danger of slip and fall incidents, and won’t slide about on the floor.

Waterhog entry floor mats are also popular for the following reasons:

• They are incredibly durable

• You can select from a broad range of designs, colors, and forms

• They are simple to clean

• You may personalize them to meet your individual demands

• They’re ideal for high-traffic locations.

Another factor that contributes to their popularity is the wide range of alternatives available, which makes it simple to locate entrance mats that are ideal for your specific company.

Waterhog entrance mat varieties

These floor mats are more than simply a way to keep dirt from creeping inside your facilities. They can assist you to improve your surroundings so that you can create a good impression on everyone that enters your company. Floormatsystems.com offers a variety of types to help protect your company in a colorful yet professional way.

The following are the many Waterhog entry floor mats that we provide to make your company stand out in a positive way:

Indoor/outdoor mats– These include reinforced rubber nubs for long-term durability in high-traffic areas and molded rubber edges to trap dirt, debris, and moisture.

• Eco premier mats– These are quite similar to the original indoor/outdoor mats, but they have a diamond face pattern for enhanced attractiveness, are constructed from plastic bottles, and have a 100 percent rubber backing made from 15 to 20% recycled rubber.

• Half oval eco grand premier mats– Both attractive and durable, with a distinctive half-oval shape, this eco-friendly mat will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

• One end rounded eco grand premier– These huge mats include one flat side and one rounded side.

Two-ended rounded mats– When you need to cover a large area yet want to make a statement, this is a perfect alternative.

Floor mats with logo– What better way to strengthen your brand than with a one-of-a-kind Waterhog mat with your company’s logo?

Our Waterhog entry mats are all certified, so you know you’re receiving the greatest quality possible. Aside from their beauty, they’re all as durable as the original Waterhog floor mats, so you can count on them to endure for years. You may also have your mats custom produced in a range of colors and sizes that will complement any environment.