What Is Experiential Marketing

The definition of experiential marketing says that this strategy or philosophy SEO services (ทดสอบการทำ seo, which is the term in Thai) is to create experiences to reach customers creatively and memorably, creating emotional bonds between consumers and brands.

Perhaps the essential thing about experience-based marketing, the core, is that the product is not the centre, nor the brand, nor its message: the centre is the customer, their perceptions and their emotions.

But what is an experience?

The first meaning of the definition of “experience” according to the RAE dictionary helps us better understand the essence of experiential marketing:

“Experience: Having felt, known or witnessed someone something”.

The definition speaks of “feeling” and is that the senses play a crucial role in the creation of experiences.

The brands that can positively stimulate our senses make us life experiences that we will later remember with pleasure.

And in addition to sensory pleasure, there are the emotions and feelings that these experiences generate, essential for decision making.

We get emotional perceptions and information about the brand through the experiences.

Emotion and decision

The emotional bonds that generate these experiences will make us return again and again to where they made us feel so good because the emotional skills are the ones we value most.

Thanks to the experiences, it is possible to create a differential value, an emotional bond with consumers, which will lead them to look for the brand.

This is a significant change in the rules of the game. Emotional marketing does not pursue consumers, the brand does not pursue the consumer trying to impact him with his message: it is the customer who will look for the brand with which to establish an emotional bond.

Consumers perceive brands in the form of positive or negative feelings, and we attribute human characteristics to them.

We like brands or dislikes, we want them or not, and on that, we base our purchasing decisions.

Experiential marketing allows brands to show their best side to consumers, to “like them”, to connect with them, convert them into customers and feed their loyalty.