Vinegar for hair in NYC

Some vinegar for your hair? Yes, some girls do use vinegar on an ongoing basis. But it is also useful even for boys and men in Midtown Manhattan. Let’s find out why they do this and whether we should also start using it in our hair routine.

Surely at home you can have apple vinegar, which you use mainly for cooking. Now you can move it to the bathroom, because it has many advantages for your hair. It is especially useful for those who have some experience with itching and notice the hair is constantly breaking.

For fans of styling, silicone products and sulfate-free shampoos, adding apple vinegar to their routine will be the great idea. It contains acetic acid, which is often added to the formula of deep cleansing shampoos. It helps to get rid of buildup (layering of several products) and make the scalp really clean.

Vinegar helps to improve blood circulation, which means it accelerates hair growth.

Try to do a head massage more often by yourself and add acetic acid to this “ritual”.

If your hair looks lifeless, constantly fluffy and rough to the touch, this means that it has a high pH balance. Apple vinegar helps to reduce it, making the hair smoother both visually and by touch.

Vinegar is often used as a disinfector, as it has an antibacterial and antifungal effect. In the case of the scalp, it helps to cleanse it well, after which itching and dandruff disappear.

As with any other remedy, it is important not to keep too long the vinegar on the hair – 3-5 minutes will be enough. If you understand that scalp and hair react well to vinegar, you can leave it a little longer.

How to use it:

– Mix a few tablespoons of apple vinegar with water;

– After shampoo washing and conditioner, apply the resulting mix on the hair and scalp;

– Leave for a few minutes and then rinse.

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