The popularity of Indian Rummy has been increasing rapidly & with technological advancement, almost everyone is switching to the online portals. Online Rummy has made it really simple for players to enjoy the game on their smartphones and desktops. Therefore, there has been an increasing need among interested players to know about the rules of Rummy. Players should know every rummy rule comprehensively so that they can play Rummy in the appropriate professional manner. Besides, knowing the rules will also increase your chances of winning as you can refrain easily from wrong moves. Let us understand the rules of the rummy game together in the following discussion.

Start By Learning about the Cards

The most crucial rummy rule that players should learn is the way of playing the game. However, first of all, you need to know the cards that you will be playing with.

  • Players need one deck of cards to play 13 Card Rummy between two people. However, two decks may be needed if the number of players is 3 to 6.
  • Each deck contains 53 cards, one of which is a printed joker.
  • The other 52 cards include 13 different cards of each suite, i.e., clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades.
  • The value of the numbered cards is equal to the number printed on them.
  • The face cards, i.e., Ace, Jack, Queen, and King, have 10 points each in a game of Rummy.

Rules of Play

  • The basic rummy rule indicates that players should select a dealer and scorer at the beginning of every game.
  • The dealer would shuffle the deck and distribute 13 cards each to every player on the table.
  • The remaining cards in the deck form the closed deck and stay on the rummy table.
  • The dealer can pick up a random card from the closed pile, and it becomes the “wild card” for the rummy game. The wild card has the same role as the printed joker in a game of Rummy.
  • Players take turns picking up and discarding cards in the game while they aim to arrange all cards in their hand into valid sets and sequences.
  • The first player picks a card from the closed pile and has to discard one card from their hand. The discarded card by the first player contributes the first addition to the discard pile in a game of Rummy.

How to Win?

Finally, players should also learn about the various rummy rules for winning the game. Players need to complete a pure sequence and an impure sequence for declaring their game. If you have melded all the cards in your hand into sets and sequences and you have one pure and one impure sequence, then you can declare and win.

A sequence is a group of three or four cards of the same suite, arranged in consecutive order of ranking. The difference between the pure and impure sequence in Rummy is that you cannot meld a joker card in pure sequence.

Players should also know about sets in a rummy game. Sets are groups of three or four cards having the same ranking, although belonging to distinct suites. Players can also use joker cards for creating sets.


So, now you have a clear idea about the rules of rummy game. The rules mentioned here refer to the information about cards used in a game, the method for playing the game, and the criteria for winning the game. Master these rules, and one day you can score big wins in every game of Rummy you play! Start learning right now!