Print media is getting bigger and bigger nowadays. Old days are gone where the waiter tells the customer about the menu. Now the customer needs a menu to decide what they and then they will order to food. This is just a minor example in which print media is being used. But the fact is, we can see print media in a lot of things. The brochure of any restaurant, business cards, book cover, billboard design, etc. This field has diversity and can be seen a lot in day to day use things.

All the product labels are designed by a graphic designer. It comes under print media. But don’t get confused with print media and print. It is a distinct thing. Print media means designing the catalog or business card for the company. And printing means to print the designed business card on paper or anything else. These two fields are different and most of the time a print media company doesn’t print. So, don’t ask them to do that because they have already told their clients 1000 times. That they don’t deal with printing things.

Small print media design is becoming a recent trend

Not every time a client has a big budget. And going to big print media companies can cost more to design a compact thing. So, for minor things a person can go to small print media design [รับออกแบบสื่อสิ่งพิมพ์ขนาดเล็ก, which is the term in Thai] company. It means basically all the freelancers that are available on freelance websites. Go to them and they will do the work in no time.

Try to negotiate with the price

Some professional graphic designers are expensive. But the quality of the work they can deliver is beyond imagination. So, do one thing to negotiate with the price. And most of the time they agree. By that, the client will save some money. And it will good to get the work done in less money.