Three Reasons to Use a Self Storage Unit on an Ongoing Basis  

If you’re like many modern consumers, you associate self storage Burbank CA with short-term storage needs such as when you’re between homes, downsizing, or moving to a bigger house. However, having access to a storage unit on an ongoing basis has a variety of benefits that many people don’t even realize, particularly if the unit is climate controlled and the storage facility is conveniently situated near your home.

Following are just three of the many ways that you can use a self storage unit near your home on a regular basis.

Seasonal Clothing

Maybe you’ve got limited closet space, or maybe you’ve just got a lot of seasonal clothing. Either way, you’re probably used to sifting through a crowded closet in search of one particular item, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you rotate your seasonal wardrobes using nearby storage unit. Simply pack your winter clothing up once the warm season begins and enjoy a fuss-free closet for the spring and summer, and reverse the process when autumn days and nights start to turn chilly. 

Sporting Goods

If you’re a sports enthusiast who isn’t quite so enthused about the amount of space your sporting equipment takes up in your home, you should consider using self storage Burbank CA to free up some of your interior living space. If you ski, for instance, keeping your skis in storage during the off season only makes sense, and if you own a mountain bike that you only use several times per year, keeping it in a self storage unit will make your home look and feel far less cluttered. If you go out of town to ride nearby mountain biking trails, you can simply pick up your bike on your way. Other types of sporting equipment that can be kept in a storage unit volleyballs and nets, tennis rackets and balls, and kayaks and canoes.

Holiday Items

Storage units are a great solution for the annual ordeal of taking down your holiday decorations when the season is over and maneuvering them to the back of an already overly full closet. This is also true of items used for holiday cooking and baking that normally just take up space the rest of the year.

Gardening Tools

Gardening tools can also be stored in a storage unit to keep them out of the way during the winter months when they aren’t in use. You can also store unused potting soil, bark dust, mulch, fertilizer, and other things related to gardening while waiting for spring to come again.

Please feel free to contact us today if you’d like more information about how renting a self storage unit on an ongoing basis can improve your life.