Thing to do for making yourself busy in your work  

It is obvious that everyone feels bored at work sometimes. This is natural and normal so there is no need to beat yourself for feeling less focused in your work. Boredom is not a bad thing, there are lot of things to do when you are feeling bored that can make you feel productive and can encourage your excitement level. You can stay productive and make yourself busy by doing some really interesting things that reduces your stress level and make you feel joyful.  Here are some suggestions that you must try during your downtime or for more you can visit 

Organize your mails 

When you get bored the best thing to keep yourself busy is you should manage your mailbox. Because you know it well that your mailbox is filled with unnecessary mails and massages while some are most important. So, if you haven’t done this in a while then you must do it. While managing, ensure that you don’t mix-up with important and irrelevant messages.  Also, check your spam folders because sometimes most important emails end up there only and we are unable to reach them. Make a separate folder for your important mails that you can go through easily when needed. 

Make new phone calls 

Making phone calls can also be the good idea to make yourself busy and feel energetic. Most of the people usually prefer to send text messages because sometimes phone calls are time taking. So, if you are getting bored at your working place you should call your old and reliable customer and friends and have a healthy conversation that can help you in reducing your stress level and it also makes you feel good. This also not only builds a healthy relationship with your customers but also builds a sense of team work.