The Suitable Options for the Bulldogs Now

The French bulldog is gentle, peaceful and, in short, an easy dog. He is also brave, affectionate and kind-hearted. That is why he is a popular Frenchie dog and a fantastic companion. Usually he gets along well with other animals and children. The French bulldog is always in a good mood, but at the same time confident and fearless. He is cheerful and spontaneous and very affectionate, apart from his intelligence.

The Daring Dog

This French Bulldog sometimes dares the clown to hang out with. It is a real charmer who loves to play. The dog is playful and child-friendly, but also vigilant although it will raise the alarm rather than actually defend the family. The proximity to the people is something he needs and that he lives up to. They are real pleasers who like to be part of the family. If you can’t bear to share your home and your favorite seat with your dog, the French bulldog is not a breed for you. Sometimes they can be possessive towards their owner and they don’t always want to share their owner with other people or dogs.

Fairly little need for exercise

  • The French bulldog is a dog that does not need as much exercise, although he appreciates his daily walks. Specimens with breathing problems due to the short snout cannot take long walks because they quickly overheat. If you do go for a walk with your French bulldog in warm weather, make sure you always bring a bottle of water with you so that your dog can drink enough. Due to their flat snout, French bulldogs can sometimes not be ‘read’ well by other dogs, so they are not always loved by other breeds.

Although Frenchie dog is not suitable for long walks, they can enjoy a short walk with their owner. This breed is more likely to lose energy briefly and explosively, after which it enjoys its well-deserved rest for a long time. Many French bulldogs don’t like rain. Due to their physique (with the bulk of their weight at the front), most French bulldogs cannot swim. Therefore, be very attentive when you come near a pond or river with your French bulldog.


French bulldogs are certainly willing to discover and learn things with you, but you have to do that in such a way that they think they will benefit from it themselves. This breed won’t just do a trick to please you because it’s one independent thinker. Yet you can achieve a lot with them in terms of obedience, with a consistent but gentle approach. You must let his great personality in his value! A French bulldog is suitable for keeping in an apartment. This breed likes to be where its owner is and does not take up much space. That benefit certainly contributed to the breed’s popularity.

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