The Lip Blush Beverly Hills is Raving About

What Exactly is Permanent Makeup?

Permanent makeup is a type of tattooing procedure to keep your face looking fresh and made-up constantly. Many women have decided to take the leap and have it done to their skin to save the time it takes to apply makeup as well as to make certain parts of their faces more symmetrical. Though it is called “permanent”, it is actually semi-permanent. It generally lasts from three to five years. Some of the most common places that permanent makeup is applied are on the eyebrows, as eyeliner, and as lip liner.


What is Lip Blush?

Lip blush differs from lip liner tattooing. Ruth Swissa, a lip blush Beverly Hills specialist, explains that lip blush is a way to apply lip color through micro-pigmentation as well as redefining lip shape. If you are not happy with your natural lip color- maybe it is dull or just looks unhealthy- lip blush can give you a more desirable look. 

Additionally, if your lips are noticeably asymmetrical, lip blush can change the shape’s appearance. Even people who have scars or other marks can use lip blush to improve their lips’ appearance. The best lip blush will be close to your natural color so it blends well with your natural looks. Unlike having lip liner permanently placed, lip blush tends to look much more natural and healthy.

The advantages of lip blush go beyond improving the look of your lips, though that is a definite benefit. Having semi-permanent lip color added to your lips saves time because this is one item you can take out of your beauty routine unless of course, you want to wear lipstick still. You do not have to worry about reapplying it throughout the day. Also, there is no such thing as sweating it off or smudging it. Whether you are coming out of the shower, the pool, or the gym, your lip color is still there. 


Should I Have Lip Blush Applied?

Obviously, this is a personal choice but there may be a few guidelines to go by. If you bleed easily or your lips are extremely sensitive, it is probably not a wise idea. Due to cosmetic procedures involving anesthetics and other medicinal items, it is always wise to consult your primary care physician to be sure it is safe for you.

If you are considering the procedure, check out these results that lip blush Beverly Hills residents received. Lip blush is not just a Beverly Hills trend, however. Specialists are all over the country, but be careful. When searching for someone to apply your lip blush, be sure that you find a licensed cosmetologist that belongs to the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals for the best results.