The Different Types Of Adam’s Bail Bonds

Within the criminal justice system and the bail bondsman occupation, the simplest way to differentiate them is to know the different types of Adam’s Bail Bonds that they provide. Just as there is a wide variety of crimes, similarly there are different types of bail bonds as well available in this system that can help in a pre-trial release. Some of these types of bonds include federal bonds, surety bonds, and immigration bonds. All these different types of bonds have different bail bondmen and financial risks. Bondsmen that issue most common bonds may not issue bonds that involve higher risks.

The surety bail

This is the most common type of bonds issued to the defendants accused for any one crime of the wide variety of crimes that may range from driving violations to capital murder. These bonds are actually the guarantee that the defendant will appear to the court on the scheduled date for trial. The money for this surety bond is put up by the bail bondsman. The bail bondmen can charge a percentage as their fees for issuing the bond. This rate may range from ten and twenty percent. You can avail such bonds with some sort of security or a co-signer as a guarantee.

Federal and immigration bonds

Federal bail bonds are issued to people accused with a federal crime. Apart from the guarantee that the defendant will appear in the court, these bonds also guarantee that the defendant will comply with the conditions for pre-trial. These conditions may be regular drug testing, limited business activity, restricted travel and more. The immigration bonds are specific type of federal bonds that ensure release from immigration detention facility. These bonds are considered as higher risk bonds because the immigrants usually have less or no ties with the community and are more likely to flee instead of deportation or facing imprisonment.