THC Hair Detox – Shampoos and Cleaning Methods Ultimate Guide

Subjecting yourself in a follicle drug screening is tough. There is a big chance that you have read articles from other websites and forums about this subject. If that is the case, you probably feel restless and hopeless. Everyone that failed a drug test has stories to tell about their experiences. In this article, we will let you know that it is not impossible to pass the drug screening with flying colors.

What these drug tests worth to you?

Let’s be honest; this is the most challenging part of it all, knowing how important these tests to you. Maybe you were offered by a company your dream job, and suddenly they will tell you to pass a follicle test before they hire you. Whatever your reasons to pass the test with flying colors, this article will help you the best result that you are looking for. With this in mind, relax, take a deep breath, and do not give up. Below are some ways you can pass the hair drug screening.

Note: Out of all the solutions that will be discussed below, only two are practical solutions.

Ways to pass the hair test

In this article, we will talk about the three ways to pass a hair test: shaving the hair, loophole testing and using hair follicle shampoo.

Shaving the hair

On average, it will take around five to seven days for any drugs to get into your system, especially in your hair. Let’s put this way; it means that you can shave all the hair on your body and you will have more or less five days’ worth of hair with no traces of illegal substance components THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. For example, you smoke a joint on a Sunday night.

You wake up the following day and shave your body, including your head. Now it is Friday, and you have small hairs growing in your entire body after you shaved it on Monday. There is a big chance that the new hair will not contain any traces of drug components. But once Saturday or Sunday arrives (five days after you shaved), drug particles will start to accumulate in the follicles, and they can be detected in drug analysis.

Does shaving your entire body a realistic option? Well, you will have to be the judge of it. What are the chances that after you are subjected to a hair follicle drug screening, you randomly decide to shave all your hair in the body? I can’t imagine any person can keep a straight face during the process. It can work, but if the testing laboratory is strict, they can fail you on the spot if they found out that you shaved your entire body.

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The loophole for light users (if you are lucky)

This technique will only work if you are not a frequent user.

Note: This example assumes that you are using cannabis.

How does loophole work? The drug screening is not designed to pick up occasional use or small amount usage. What does it mean? Let us say you smoked a joint around thirty days ago. Then you smoke another joint after two weeks.

It is possible that you consumed a small amount of THC that the test result will show negative or undetected. You see, laboratory, in regards to hair sample screening, is only designed to find any patterns of moderate to heavy drug use.

While this technique is great if you are a one-hit-then-quit kind of user, it is nerve-racking to try it if you are a constant user. People’s body chemistry is different, so it is impossible to quantify how many joints you can smoke and expect to pass the test with flying colors. If passing the screening is very important to you, then we do not recommend that you use this method and risk your career.

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Detox Shampoo

Most detox shampoo fails because they can’t break inside the person’s hair follicle to remove all the trapped drug components or toxins. It is easy for the laboratory to run the test and detect if you are using drugs. The worst part is, most of these tests can detect any drug components like THC up to 120 days or four months.

The good news is there aredetoxifying shampoos available in the market that can penetrate the hair shaft and remove any trapped elements and toxins. If you are serious about passing the screening with flying colors, we recommend that you use one these products.