Terms to know about slot machine games

The following are the common terms used in SLOT EVOPLAY. Knowing these will help you play better. 

Penny slots – As you would know, there would be a bet amount requirement to play any type of slot machine game. If this bet amount is too small that anyone could afford, it is known as a penny slot. People often prefer penny slots as they do not wish to lose money. Although you face losses in these games, you will not get affected so much. 

Random Number Generator – RNG is an algorithm used in online casinos using which all the games bring you the numbers to tell whether you win, or not. For instance, if the slot reels rotate and show a set of characters under the pay line, these numbers are generated by this algorithm without manual intervention. Also, no one could find out or predict the numbers that will come up after the spin. The process would be completely random and automated. Unless there is a live dealer to operate with your decisions, RNG will give you the results. 

Classic slots – All the slots you see now on online casinos are evolved versions of the game. Classic slots are those traditional pieces of the game that will contain only three reels with ten to twelve characters on them. Also, you will play with only one pay line. Whatever characters come under that pay line will be the winning combination. Only a few modern-day casinos offer these slots at present. 

Coin size – You will be eligible to play a slot machine game only when you pay a certain amount of money as your bet. However, you will not pay money in the form of cash or digital money. Instead, you would have to buy some slot coins for your cash and use them to play. The number of coins required for the slot game would be the coin size. However, depending on your bet amount, the coin size will get multiplied. 

Slot theme – If there are only boring characters that you are familiar with used on the reels of the slot machine with the same animations forever, you would get bored playing them. So, the casinos have introduced the concept of themed slots to add flavors to their slot games. Now, you could find characters, music, animations, and other elements in a slot machine connected to each other and represent something that is popular outside of the casino world. For instance, a movie-themed slot will contain characters from a particular movie with the film’s background score and animations in the background. 

Fixed jackpot – In slot games with a fixed Jackpot, your winning amount will not increase with time. You will know the amount that you will get when you get the right combination before the game itself. 

Hold percentage – Casinos could not let you enter, play, win, and take all the money out. To do their business, they will hold a portion of your wagered money for the long term.