Surge protector a useful product for multiple pins:

If someone has just one switchboard in the room and it has only one charging point. Then it becomes very hard to charge multiple devices at the same time. In that case just plug with Surge protector [ปลั๊กไฟ คอมพิวเตอร์, which is the term in Thai] and charge all the items at a single time with protection from power surges and voltage strikes. Because sometimes the voltage can be more than 120v and it can damage the device. The surge protector is the equipment that controls the fluctuation of the voltage.

The fluctuation of voltage can damage the whole product. And many people have seen this thing that the mobile phone had blasted while charging and all. It happens only because of such things. And surge protector helps the device from not getting damaged. Nowadays many charging devices and other electrical equipment come with a surge protector for better safety.

Use just one travel plug for different types of charging adapter

People have always suffered from carrying different types of travel plug to their journey. Because there are some types of adapter that only fits into a certain type of plug. And these plugs can’t be found anywhere. So, in that case use universal travel plug. So, that one can charge their device easily. The price of Power plug Data [เต้ารับ, which is the term in Thai] or universal plug may varies from quality to quality. But it will be around 200 to 250฿.

Use only those universal plugs which have a surge protector

Only use those universal plugs which have a surge protector in them. Otherwise don’t even think about buying the plug. It is not worth buying it. Because when there is fluctuation in voltage it can’t manage the fluctuations and device may get damage.