Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Misdemeanor?

In some countries, misdemeanor cases are not an imprisonment case but go with a warning or community services, but this solely depends on the type of demeanor that is committed.

Differences between Felonies and Misdemeanors

While most people usually consider felony offenses more serious, misdemeanors are also considered serious offenses. The main distinction between a crime and a misdemeanor is the potential criminal sentence that can be received by the convicted individual. Defendants of a misdemeanor may still be imprisoned. This imprisonment, however, is usually for up to a year.

During a lifetime, it can happen that one is a victim of an offense. But, it is still necessary to know it (I). Once this offense is known, we want to file a complaint. However, despite the simple and obvious nature of the term making a complaint, in practice, the complaint is a complete and complex mechanism.

Who Can Lodge a Complain

If she is a minor, she can file a complaint alone, or accompanied, or even let one of her parents file a complaint in her place. Nevertheless, she is advised to be accompanied by a Greenwald law firm to be represented during the proceedings, especially if she wants to be a civil party in order to see her loss repaired.

In the case where the minor child wishes to lodge a complaint against his parents, he can present himself alone to file a complaint. The judge may appoint an ad hoc administrator to represent and assist the minor in his actions.

An offense is a behavior prohibited by law, sanctioned by a penalty. They correspond to contraventions, offences, and crimes.

Although some offenses are known like rape, murder, violence, theft, others are more complex to qualify: in case of doubt, police or police personnel who receive the complaint may indicate and enlighten the victim on the type of offense. You can also call on a legal professional such as a lawyer.