RV; And Its Evolution; Dwayne Craddock

Growing up as a kid back in 70s brought in the mind of Dwayne Craddock, some of his favourite memories, the nostalgia hits hard to many people whoever comes across these Big Beasts. It was the best of the times; it was the worst of the times. A decaying cold war, music coming from everywhere; people, talking about something called internet, and dads, making hot dogs, at the back of the van; yes, those were the dream days!

RVs then Vs Now:

The early model of the RV probably goes back to the early Victorian period where theatre companies used to put up plays on fair grounds. For the stage, they used bullock carts with a Big caravan which had certain surprising features. They used to open up three sides of the Caravan while one side performed as the backdrop. The audience could experience the show from the three front sides and after the play they could again put up the three sides, pack up everything inside of it and ventured back to their taverns. This early known mobile vans not only were the early models of RV but in a sense, they also carried the essence of their namesake, they were used for recreational purposes.

Later in 17th century the model changed into horse-drawn covered wagon that played a significant part in the history of North America during the white settlement or mass white immigration from Northern Europe. The Modern RV was introduced much later, around in 1920s and from then it has been a mini culture all across the North America to stay and travel in RVs. Pick any Hollywood movie of 70s, 80s or 90s, if there is any scene of a fair, you can see RVs setting camps all around it, if there are friends travelling across the country, chances are, RV is involved in there.

The scenes from the AMC Tvseries, ‘The Walking Dead’ showed the essential use and benefits of a RV. It is a mini house, rolling on the wheels, containing a kitchen, a bathroom along with one or more sleeping facilities. In the ‘The Breaking Bad’, the rather innovative use of an RV, as rolling Meth Lab was rather amusing, and yet it showed us, how important a role it can play in your life. It can just be your perfect escape from the mundane concrete life to the lap of nature, from time to time.

Why travel in an RV?

These elegant beautiful big beasts not only poke up your inner wanderlust but are also soothing for the sore eyes. Swiping through all the images and facilities you can easily fall in love with their design, colour, facilities and mindboggling features. It is amazing to note, how cheap they are to hire on a day to day basis, considering what huge chunk any country side travel company books you for one or two nights under the stars.

As fate always has it, these graceful humble rolling abodes might fill the void in your journey, and those RV rental serviceswill provide you with wonderful opportunities to seize the day! And who knows? One day you might even want to adopt one of them!