Rewarding Careers in the Field of Public Health in Developing Countries

The majority of developing countries are going through a phase of development and are also facing numerous challenges at the moment. As far as the health sector is concerned, the top most problem is related to the poor functioning of the health systems and its solution lies in public health. Public health, is based on the health of populations rather than individuals. This is the main reason why it has got much more importance than the clinical medicine which deals with the health of individuals.

In most of the developing countries, there is a lack of public health specialists. There are numerous factors behind this shortage, a few of which are of utmost importance. To start off, lack of awareness about preventive medicine and public health is one of the primary reasons. Even all those professionals which are involved in the healthcare sector in one way or the other are not aware of the preventive model, its significance and its implications. Secondly, the primary focus in developing countries has always been on the treatment of diseases and yield of clinicians rather than prevention of diseases. The third and one of the most important factors is that there are much less institutes offering degrees in preventive medicine as compared to those which offer degrees in clinical medicine.

All these factors serve as the basis for shortage of public health specialists in developing countries. These countries need preventive medicine specialists in abundance and there is no better time than this to step into the world of preventive medicine. Promoting preventive medicine is the sole solution by which the health systems can be improved. In addition to this, preventive medicine offers flourishing career pathways to all the healthcare professionals. There is an enormous range of sub specialties within preventive medicine and you may choose the one, depending on your interest and background academic education. These sub specialties range from public health nurse to community nutritionist, epidemiologist, bio statistician, health economist, disaster management expert, environmental health practitioner, policy advisor and many others. By and large, if you choose public health as a career, you are not only able to serve your nation and improve the health status of your own people but you are also rewarded with a thriving career having high salary packages. It is therefore high time to come and join the world of preventive medicine, serve your country and get a rewarding career.