Quality Care For Residents at Sally’s Residential Care Home

If you or your loved one resides in the Camarillo CA community, consider residential care facility. Residential care facilities are more than just medically assisted facilities. They provide a quality of life that engages residents physically and socially.  This engagement will promote positive health for those you love and improve their life quality. Residents at Sally’s Residential Care Home, they have numerous experiences to live their best life and enjoy each and every day to its absolute fullest.

Day-To-Day Activities

Within the facility are daily activities for residents to partake in regularly. Daily exercise programs and walks get the residents moving and socializing at the same time. For more of a social gathering, our residents enjoy activities such as Bingo, Birthday celebrations, and movies weekly to gather more socially. Painting and enjoying art is a pastime enjoyed by residents, as they have the ability to try their hand on the colorful side of life. Weekly arts and craft activities are offered within the facility. Our facility also offers a variety of religious services weekly for our residents, as we respect the need to worship.

Pet And Music Therapy

In order to keep our residents connected with activities from their independent years, our facility hosts both pet and music therapy. Over the past decade, pet therapy has been used to assist with anxiety and social disorders, because these animals have the ability to shift moods and promote interaction. The same goal applies to our residents when bringing in the pets and boosting their interactions. Many residents find pet therapy sessions to be one of the more relaxed activities of the week.

Like pet therapy, music therapy has a way of connecting our residents and promoting social interaction among the residents. The music comes from all genres and promotes smiles and laughter. When our residents seek out their favorite music, they are taken back to happy memories and find connections to other residents.

Local Entertainment

One of our most popular events among the residents is the local entertainment. A few nights a month, local entertainers visit the facility to perform for our residents, giving them quite the excitement. From music bands and comedy acts, local talent has a way that brings the majority of our residents together for an event of fun, food, and celebration.

Embrace A Higher Quality of Life

Our staff at Sally’s Residential Care Home strive to not only focus on the medical needs of the residents but to promote positive health daily. Promoting happiness and healthiness includes the daily interactions of the residents. Maintaining these activities are essential and are guaranteed for residents. Our facility has over 30 years of nursing experience and includes premium staff for our residents. Contact our staff at Sally’s Residential Care Home today for more information.