Leading Causes of Obesity & Weight Gain [Remedy Inside]

Obesity or overweight is the main cause of many health issues. Nowadays, this is the biggest health problem that leads to many other health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, heart problem, etc.

The main cause of weight gain is consuming a high amount of energy for example fats and sugar and does not burn calories. The good thing is that you can control your weight easily with a balanced diet and regular exercise. But, if the situation is severe then it is highly recommended to consult your doctor and take proper medication. There are many online pharmacies that sell medicine but Canadian Pharmacy Online is the best platform for medication.

Let’s find out the main causes of obesity and how we can overcome it. So, let’s start it.

Eating Too Much Junk Food: This is the top-most reason for obesity. Junk food is basically made from different ingredients along with additives that enhance the taste but hard to digest. Food manufacture’s main focus is on increasing sale and does not bother about the health of the people. The best way to maintain a balanced weight is to consume less junk food as much as possible.

Lack of Physical Activity: Regular physical activity is required for a healthy body and lack of physical activity is the leading cause of obesity. If you are not doing regular exercise then the energy provided by the food you eat, will not burn calories and stored by the body as fat. For obese people, it is necessary to do more exercise but start it slowly and increase it with the passage of time.

Certain Other Medications: Sometimes your weight is increased due to a certain drug as a side-effect. These medicines hamper the functions of your body parts as well as brain and reduce the metabolism of the body and increase appetite that ultimately leads to obesity. Weight can be easily controlled if other health conditions are diagnosed and treated in the right way.

Genetics: It is also true that some people are obese as they are inherited from their parents. Genetic is a strong cause of obesity. According to research, eating habits of a person and regular physical activities can easily control genetic obesity.

Hormone imbalance: Hormones play an important role in food digestion by regulating energy storage. Insulin is a very significant hormone that tells the fat cells to store food and also burn extra fat from the body. If your body has a perfect insulin level then you will never gain weight.

Consuming More Sugar: When your body consumed excess sugar it changes the hormones level and your body storing more fat that contributes to weight gain. Sugar is basically glucose and fructose that is come in a variety of foods and is the leading cause of obesity nowadays.

These are the main reason for obesity that you should know. You can easily get rid of extra pounds by eating a healthy diet and burn extra calories with the help of regular exercise. Always take extra care of your health as we all know that “Health is Wealth”.