Know the Basic Elements of Slot Machine

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Online slot machines have revolutionized the way to play slots: once it was possible to have fun with slot machines exclusively in traditional casinos and bars, using mechanical devices that are not at all advanced, but today you can play online thanks to the numerous casinos that offer pg slot and the gaming experience has improved dramatically, as well as being far more engaging and exciting.

Let’s start with the general characteristics of online slot machines, such as the main components and the dynamics of their operation:

  • Recurring symbols;
  • Number of rollers;
  • Number of payment lines;
  • Special spins (free spins, bonus games, and jackpots).

The guide continues with the features of slot machine software that allow you to obtain reliable results and always play safely, such as RTP and volatility.

The last chapters instead present an overview of:

  • Themes of the most famous slots in the world,
  • Most trusted game providers,
  • Better playing strategies,
  • All to provide fans and players with 360 ° knowledge of the world of online slots.

After all, getting a winning spin on online slots is not as difficult as it seems: just like classic slots, wager on a pay line and wait for the symbols to appear!

Basic elements

Basic slot machine symbol

Knowing the elements of an online slot machine well allows you to play and win more consciously: various components appear on the screen, each of which has its importance.

Rollers and lines

The first element that catches the eye is certainly that of the reels: each reel houses different symbols, and, at the end of the spin, their arrangement will allow you to total a more or less high win depending on the symbols appearing on the pay lines.

Each bet requires that one or more pay lines (horizontal, oblique, or even jagged) are set to cover different positions of the symbols on the reels. All the symbols that appear along the chosen lines will compete for the win, and according to their importance, they will give rise to a more or less high reward.

The symbols

The value of the win also depends on the symbols: whether they are basic symbols, such as those with the vintage touch of some nostalgic online slots (the word BAR, the bells, the pair of cherries, etc.) or themed ones based on the topic to which the slot is inspired, or of special symbols, no slot machine does not have its winning symbols.

In addition to the basic symbols present on the reels of each slot, many online slot machines also have symbols that can unlock additional features or prizes. Here’s what they are:

Wild symbol: works like a wild card. It can substitute other symbols (generally all except the scatter) in combinations to generate winning ones and can have a higher value than traditional symbols;