Increase Productivity In A Balanced Manner: The Pomodoro Technique

We all want to strive to be the best and most productive version of ourselves. There is a considerable chance that you have been using productivity methods before, only to go back to where you started. Some of the productivity methods you used may have been unrealistic and too much. With the Pomodoro Technique, you can be productive and knock your tasks down one by one.

One of the most forgotten aspects of productivity is burnout. In the case of burnout, we do not fully utilize our time because we take everything in one huge chunk. The better approach to productivity then becomes to chip away on that chunk inch by inch. With the 25-minute focus blocks of the Pomodoro timer, you can get everything done without burning out in the process.

Another essential in being productive is to focus on the task at hand. Cramming everything in one sitting may be useful in some cases but is highly questionable in terms of quality. With the Pomodoro timer, you can ensure that you set a proper amount of time on a task, ensuring its quality.

What Is The Pomodoro Technique?

The Pomodoro Technique is one of the numerous time management systems that should increase your productivity. The Pomodoro Technique, or the Pomodoro timer, came from the 1980s from Francesco Cirillo. From 1980, the technique has been continuously producing increased productivity among its users. Incorporate this time management system into your life and see how it truly works wonders. 

The Pomodoro Technique essentially is a bunch of focus blocks with a break period in between. This technique should be excellent for those who want to avoid burnout or exhaustion. You can also focus and hone in on a specific task on a focus block to ensure your work quality.

Rather than digest and take everything in causing exhaustion and compromised quality, why don’t you try segmenting your tasks? You can easily arrange each job that you have to do on each focus block. 

Helps With Procrastination

Does your productivity take a hit because of your procrastination? Are you too busy sending blue heart emojis to random people on social media? Then the Pomodoro Technique should be the perfect remedy for your habit of procrastinating. Because you are segmenting tasks in 20-25 minute focus blocks, there should be no room for procrastination. The Pomodoro Technique should be a great tool or system that allows you to maximize your time.

It is true that there lies a five-minute break in between focus blocks. It is essential and critical that you stay true to these five-minute breaks. It means that you do not delay nor hurry up to move on to the next focus block. Use your five-minute breaks for coffee runs, bathroom breaks, or a quick update to your peers.

You have 25 minutes to focus and start working on any specific tasks you’ve identified for your focus block. It should be necessary that you start on time and you finish on time too. Anything that delays your focus blocks is procrastination. You will need to combine the Pomodoro technique with a sense of urgency and truthfulness to not procrastinate on your tasks.

Which Pomodoro App Should You Use?

It is crucial and critical to understand that you cannot be the most productive version of yourself overnight. If you are using the Pomodoro Timer for the first time, the classic timer should be the perfect tool for you. The classic timer is the traditional 25-minute focus blocks with five-minute breaks in between.

To start a focus block, press “Start!” on the Pomodoro app. After pressing start and immersing yourself in your 25-minute focus blocks, again and again, you should get the hang of this time management technique. In the long run, you should be able to develop an adequate time and task management system. You may even have to go on longer focus blocks!

You should be able to approach your tasks more healthily. 25-minute focus blocks should be healthier and a lot easier than cramming everything in one sitting. You should be able to focus for a particular amount of time without burning yourself out to exhaustion.

Custom Timers And One-Time Timers

Custom timers and One-time timers are perfect for those applying the Pomodoro Technique for a long time. With this fact, using these Pomodoro timers should mean that they are well-adjusted to the different focus blocks. The classic timer, or the 25-minute focus block cycles,  does not work on these individuals anymore. Already finished with a task? Take a short and quick five-minute break, then move on and restart the focus block over again.

This fact means that they have to work beyond 25 minutes continually. You might ask if this practice leads to burnout? Well, extended focus blocks due to experience should not lead to exhaustion at all. It merely means that they now possess the ability to work and focus on whatever they have to do beyond the 25-minute cycle. These should be the perfect Pomodoro timers for those well-adjusted productivity geeks.


Using the Pomodoro Technique and these Pomodoro Timers should yield positive results for your productivity. You should be able to clear away all the things that may be causing your lack of productivity. The Pomodoro technique should be a perfect complement to the tasks you identified for yourself. Knock them one by one and dramatically increase your productivity with the use of these Pomodoro timers!