How To Professionally Translate Documents

For many professionals, it is common to have to translate specific documents such as contracts, significant judgments, or minutes. This type of translation requires the use of legal translation specialists or a contract documents translation(รับแปลเอกสาร สัญญา which is the term in thai) that will do a good job.

The translation of contracts, whether employment, distribution, commercial, or sales contracts, requires advanced knowledge in the field of law. The objective of a deal is to fix rules between several parties, in a lovely way, the translation must be carried out with the most exceptional rigor and much precision. Indeed, a wrong interpretation of contract risks having tremendously adverse effects on the relations between the parties have drawn up it.

Likewise, gross judgments, i.e., copies of a court decision or notarial deed, as well as minutes, need to be translated accurately so that no information or no linguistic nuance is lost in the translation process.

The skills of Optilingua translators

The group, leader in translation for 40 years, has legal translators in its teams, all of whom have experience in the field of law. Many of them are former legal professionals with long experience in the area, and some are currently lawyers abroad, registered with the bars of the countries concerned by the target language in which they work.

Also, these translation professionals are based in the country where the target language is used. In this way, they know the cultural context, but also an up-to-date understanding of terminology, reforms, standards, and regulations related to their area of ​​specialization and to the country where the target language is used.

They all work in their mother tongue, have a great mastery of contractual methodology, and know how to find legal equivalences between two legal systems, to adapt the text to the audience for which it is intended.