How To Make Your Own Custom Shirt

It’s been a long time since sewing is no longer seen as obsolete. Considered as an activity that gives free rein to its creativity, but also as a way to save money in times of crisis, sewing is more and more trend.

What You Need

  • Cotton fabric (depending on your size you will need more or less)
  • A shirt that you like
  • Thread the colour of the fabric
  • Chalk to mark
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine

Think of the shirt design

This step is important because it allows us to make modifications to the shirt we already have. When you think of how to make your own shirt then you know you have to think of a design you want to achieve.

Cut the fabric

To cut the necessary fabric you will only have to pin the shirt to be duplicated on the fabric and mark with chalk. Once you have the shirt traced on the fabric you just have to trim leaving the seam allowance. With this, you will get the shirt “disassembled” and ready to sew on the new fabric.

To make the neckline, simply mark the centre of the front piece and trace the neck at the peak, calculating that the vertex is about 15 cm approximately. To sew the bias better I have ironed it by folding it in half. To print a t-shirt in Sydney, you have to really know your way around a fabric.

Sew the t-shirt

To sew the t-shirt simply weave the back and front with the rights facing or fix with flat pins that allow sewing over as I did. Then we simply pass a simple seam both at the junction of the sleeves and on the sides. For the hem of the shirt and the sleeves, I have simply made a simple machine-sewn hem.