How to Get Car Insurance Online for a Hyundai Verna?

As a proud owner of a mesmerising Hyundai Verna, you know how important it is to have car insurance, and the best thing now is you get your Hyundai Verna insurance online from the comfort of your home. Isn’t that amazing? With the advancement of technology, buying car insurance has become more convenient than ever. So you can relax and go and hit the road and focus on enjoying your ride, as you are a few steps from getting the best Hyundai Verna car insurance.

Let us discuss how you can get the best insurance for your Hyundai Verna car.

Features of Hyundai Verna

  • It is a sporty sedan with advanced features like a wireless charger, ventilated seats, a sunroof, and many more.
  • It is a stylish 5-seater car that can deliver a powerful ride with an engine capacity of up to 1497 cc.
  • It is available in petrol and diesel along with manual and automatic transmissions.
  • It comes with 11 variants and 6 different colour choices, fitted with advanced features such as connected car tech, ventilated seats, wireless charger, sunroof and many more.
  • The car is loaded with a range of safety features that comprise an anti-lock braking system, anti-theft alarm, central locking, tyre pressure monitor, airbags for driver and passenger, child safety locks, vehicle stability control system, crash sensor, etc.

What Should Online Insurance for a Hyundai Verna cover?

Your insurance requirement may vary depending on the car, the year it was purchased, your safety requirement etc. For Instance, if it’s a brand-new Hyundai Verna, rather than going for third-party car insurance, you will opt for comprehensive covers that protect you against theft, loss, and other damages sustained to your vehicle. You can also opt for a zero DEP policy which is slightly expensive but will give you the maximum coverage amount.

Though all this might sound confusing, let’s break down what you need to ensure when you buy Verna car insurance.

Basic requirements in your Verna insurance

  1. Cover for any damages sustained by the car in an on-road accident or collision.
  2. Personal accident cover for personal damages, disability or loss sustained by the driver
  3. Third-party cover for bodily injuries sustained by the third party in an accident or collision, along with cover for permanent death or disability caused to the third party
  4. Insurance against partial loss/theft of the car
  5. Insurance against damages sustained due to natural calamities like flood, fire, rain, hail etc.
  6. Cover for damages sustained due to man-made events like war, civil unrest, riots etc.

Additional Riders to be Added to Your Car Insurance Policy

The above information lists the basic insurance coverage you need for your car. In addition, you can opt for more riders, creating a holistic insurance package. Some of these riders are

  1. Engine Coverage
  2. Zero Depreciation Rider
  3. Return to Invoice coverage
  4. Consumable coverage
  5. Roadside assistance coverage
  6. NCB (No Claim Bonus) protection coverage
  7. Personal belongings coverage
  8. Repair of Minor Parts
  9. Daily Allowance coverage
  10. Emergency transport and hotel accommodation coverage
  11. Lost or replacement of key coverage
  12. Tube and Tyres replacement coverage
  13. Passenger Insurance

How to Buy Insurance for Hyundai Verna

  • Step 1: Based on the above, understand your car insurance and rider requirements for your Hyundai Verna. You can also calculate car insurance premiums with a car insurance calculator available online on various insurance companies websites.
  • Step 2: Visit a trusted insurance company’s website
  • Step 3:Then you will be directed to a page where the insurance website may ask you for a registration number
  • Step 4:Then click on the get your quote box.
  • Note- Some websites may also ask for details like car brand, car model, fuel type, car variant car, registration year, registration location, and so on to move further.
  • Step 5: Then provide your name and mobile number to get the car insurance e-policy quotes
  • Step 6: Based on your requirement, Choose a car insurance policy quote
  • Step 7: Go for payment for the chosen insurance policy. You will get the policy document through your registered email.


When buying insurance for your four-wheelers, make sure you consider all the above-listed aspects, as it is essential you understand your 4-wheeler insurance requirement first before moving towards buying one. The best thing is you no longer need to hassle an agent for a car insurance purchase. With the advancement of technology, buying car insurance has become more convenient than ever, and you can easily purchase it online from the comfort of your home. With the simple steps summarised above, you can effortlessly buy car insurance for your Hyundai Verna, allowing yourself to relax and enjoy your ride with ease, knowing that your car is protected.

People Also Ask

How to download the Hyundai car insurance policy?

You can directly download it from your registered email, as once you make the payment, a copy of your insurance policy shall be sent to your registered email address by the insurance company.