How To Build A Summer House In Your Garden

Building a summer house is a magnificent idea for using the garden space creatively.  It can be used in a variety of ways that help in extracting the maximum utility of the space abandoned in green garden of the house. One such use is that of having an extra room for recreation, parties and relaxation times. Summer house offers a readymade solution for organizing a picnic right within the premises of the house. Thus, it allows avoiding lot of travelling. This idea is quite popular among celebrities who want to have family time away from the prying eyes of paparazzi. Summer house allows you organizing parties in long evenings when travelling or going to a popular joint seem too much to do. 

Building a summer house – materials required

Summer house requires certain materials that give it a nice look and sustainable structure. You need wooden logs or planks, glass windows, doors, accessories like locks, electricity fittings, furniture, and etc. You have to be pretty clear about the ultimate aim of building the summer house. The objective helps in choosing the materials accordingly.

Next, you choose the flooring. The garden room is in an open space. So, it should be made of materials that can trap the optimal temperatures inside. The choice of flooring, therefore, is very much crucial for making the summer house weather-proof. Some of the low maintenance flooring options are:

  1. Weather-proof vinyl flooring 
  2. Tile flooring
  3. Laminate flooring
  4. Rubber flooring and so on.

Of these, rubber flooring is certainly a new concept and goes the best with summer rooms. This flooring is spill-proof and weather-proof and helps maintain insulation inside.

Your summer room may have a kitchenette having all appliances like coffee-maker, induction stove, food processor and so on. You may also have a barbecue system installed. These help in organizing food and drinks for the party.

As suave and sophisticated you want the summer room to be, the choice of appliances, fittings and accessories like furniture, etc change accordingly.

Things to consider while making summer house

Mostly, the idea is to enjoy the warmth of the sun without minus the tan. Thus, you should design the summer house to ensure the optimal range of temperature inside it. You must consider the points such as:

  1. Orientation: Choose orientation so that it remains well-lit and ventilated for the major part of the day.
  2. Usage: You have to decide the purpose to pick the interiors. So, think of developing the summer house as any of the following:
  • Powder room – to get ready after bathing in pool
  • TV room – for watching favorite shows
  • Mini Bar – to enjoy parties and drinks with friends
  • Relaxation point – to relax on weekends.

This analysis helps you in picking the best suited materials and design for the summer room.

If you are familiar with DIY installation procedures, you might love to do your summer house all by yourself. In other cases, you need the experts who can make your dream summer house a beautiful reality for you. Also, it is better to get it done from the professionals as you may not be fully conversant with the building rules of the area or city.

Go to summer house experts for a readymade solution

Makers of summer house have space for manufacturing and assembling of various parts. They have a dedicate show space for placing the models of the summer house which are trendy, chic as well as feasible. You can check here the latest summer house designs developed by the best hands in the UK and get one ready for yourself. The experts stay with you throughout the process and do not leave you alone till you start feeling the best in the summer house.