How Can Users in Foreign Countries Access the Japanese Netflix Library?

Japanese TV is extremely well-produced and compelling. Its popularity is massive, so Netflix has signed exclusive deals with several content-creating companies in Japan. However, these TV rights deal make sure that no one outside of Japan can access this content. Hence, Japanese viewers in foreign countries have a hard time watching their beloved TV shows. How to beat these unfair geographical blocks? Virtual Private Networks! Users who have VPNs can access HD Netflix content from all across the world. Here’s how

But before we get into further details, do know that there are some alternatives where you can watch videos and movies on the internet. If ever you are not comfortable using a VPN then one good alternative would be the vimeo app which allows users to upload mostly any type of content with minor restrictions which means the full Japanese movie or full Japanese video you would like to watch has been uploaded there. But, if you are persistent and want to access the Japanese version of Netflix then here is how to do it.

Beating the Geo-Blocks

Using torrents or illegitimate streaming sites is not a healthy option. Firstly, using these platforms is illegal. Secondly, these websites are littered with viruses and malware. Why risk your device’s integrity to access blocked content? Instead, using VPNs is the only legal way for offshore viewers to get access to Netflix 日本. It is 100% legal as VPN use falls under an internet user’s right to privacy. Install a VPN software on your phone, computer, or tablet and change your IP address to a location in Japan. The Netflix firewall will assume that you’re a Japanese viewer. Any data sent or received by your computer will be encrypted by the VPN software. So, there’s no risk of Netflix not accepting your request.

Are VPN Subscriptions Expensive?

There are many free VPN service providers in the market. But sadly, they don’t work in Japan. Either the streaming speed is incredibly slow, or the VPN doesn’t unblock Netflix Japan. Thankfully, premium VPNs charge as little as 700-1500 yen per month. Users also get many discounts if they they sign long-term contracts. Access HD TV shows on Netflix Japan with VPNs at the same speed and quality. Plus, you get to enjoy browsing the internet as a completely anonymous user. No one can track your data or your online activities when you use a VPN!