Babies products are excellent in quality and even expensive too no doubt. There are lots of category in the segment we can discuss on. But today we will talk about crib mattress. Yes, you readied right, and if I am not wrong, you might be wondered too? The crib mattress is commonly used, and we never pointed it for the bad health of the babies. Chemicals based products harm the baby silently, or we can say it’s a silent killer. Don’t get worried about I am just making you aware. This is not a big problem if we keep these points in mind.

Vents are essentials:

Vents are essential for the mattress because wetting of bed can result in bacteria and odour growth. Mattress vents will keep this moisture from building up. So, we should always keep the bed clean and hygienic. It will allow the baby to breath easier no matter whether the baby rolls down the face downwards while sleeping.

What safety feature should it have:

The mattress is made of different materials based foams, which can even result in the emergency of paramedics. To be safe from these kinds of problems considering these points will help you out:

  • Non-toxic materials
  • Safe sown soams
  • Extra-firm plant base mattress for infants
  • PVC free
  • Load free
  • Anti-bacterial

If we always look for these features, then it is considered as the best crib mattress. There can be a lot of examples inclusive; these features some of them are:

  • Moonlight slumber.

 We always want value for the product, don’t we? Well, in that sense, this mattress can be a good example. Because it offers you two sides and one side is designed to be firm enough for our babies. Some other features of this cushion are; it’s softer making your toddler feel good, and its two in one organic mattress, in simple words, it’s toxic-free.

  • Colgate eco.

The more research done regarding the best crib mattress has come a long way. Well, in that sense this mattress is always in demand, its organic and green guard gold certified. It is even lightweight and ensures sheet changes a plus to parents.


Cleaning the beneficial point:

Remove the waterproof covering and  separately wash it in washing machine. Spot clean, done  using a sponge on the dirty areas. The plus point of these two in one mattress is these can be cleaned easily, and no cleaning materials are required often.

Caring of infants:

Infants are newly born babies and taking care of them is the most onerous task. We always buy chemical-based materials without having specified knowledge of them. Organic products are best for your loved ones, we should always search even for these products, in the sense of keeping the baby safe. Harmful chemicals impact the child’s skin, responsible growth factors, neurological disorders. Some of the great products  with real organic properties can keep your infant away from life-threatening diseases and even boosts the immunity.