Glo Provides Online Yoga Program to All

Keeping your body physically fit is very important. Those that are in good physical shape will normally feel better and have more energy than someone that is out of shape. While cardiovascular health and muscular strength are both very important when it comes to overall fitness, so is your personal flexibility. There are many reasons why being flexible is so important.

Reduces Risk of Injury

One reason why being flexible is important is because it can help to reduce the risk of injury and soreness in your muscles. When you are flexible, your muscles will be able to handle more strain that comes with activities that they are not normally accustomed to. After doing a unique workout that is new to your body, the risk of being injured or severely sore is much worse. Additionally, when you are flexible, it is easier to maintain good posture, which can help to reduce back or neck pain in the future.

Ability to Get Stronger

An added benefit of being flexible is that it can also help you to get stronger. If you are looking to add lean muscle mass or want to be able to lift more weight, being flexible will make this easier for you. Those that are flexible will naturally have the right level of muscle tension when trying to move a heavy object. This will allow you to lift heavier objects and then develop more lean muscle mass.

If you are looking to stay flexible, one great form of exercise to do is yoga. When you perform yoga, you will complete a variety of different movements, stretches, and exercises that will help you to build lean and flexible muscles. This will allow you to enjoy all of the benefits that come with flexibility. Since not all people have the time or resources to go to a live yoga studio, following yoga online classes could be a better option.

One great application for online yoga are the applications that are provided by Glo. The Glo yoga and meditation apps can be accessed by anyone who has a Android or Apple device or Roku. There are several advantages that come with the Glo applications that can help you to improve your yoga practice, get healthier and stronger, and improve your flexibility.


One of the advantages of the Glo application is that it comes with great personalization. When you first sign up for the application, you will complete a quick questionnaire that will get more information about your current level of fitness and goals. Based on this assessment, you can received a personalized online yoga program that will be curtailed to help you to meet your goals.

Variety of Yoga Classes and Exercises

An additional benefit of the Glo application is that there are many different yoga classes and stretches that you can choose from. The Glo yoga program essentially works off of the same 16 poses and stretches. However, these are then varied and altered a bit based on your skill level. From all of the variation that is available, Glo has more than 4,000 yoga programs and workouts that you can choose from. This will also help you to set up a personalized program that will vary between different workouts to keep your body guessing and improving.

Teacher Support

Glo also has a network of teachers, instructors, and an active community that can help you feel connected. This will allow you to have any answers that you have questioned while keeping you motivated and accountable. Ultimately, this will keep you on your fitness and flexibility path.