I love ice cream. I used to eat ice cream like 3 to 4 times a week at night. I used to be able to get away with things like this in my 20s. 

As I hit my mid 30s my waistline was not nearly as forgiving. On top of that, I started developing a sensitivity to some dairy products, ice cream being one of them. I was so bummed out. 

I was having lunch with one of my friends and I was telling her all my woes now that I had to stop eating ice cream. She of course thought I was ridiculous but she also had an idea for me. She explained to me that her boyfriend was totally lactose intolerant and like me, also loved ice cream. 

She said that every week she made him batches of frozen yogurt in her food processor. She obviously had to use dairy free yogurt, but she mentioned that maybe yogurt wouldn’t have the same effect on me that cream does. 

Otherwise, if I had a problem, I could make nice cream instead of ice cream, or I could just leave the bananas out and try going that route. I mentioned to her that I did not currently own a food processor, so she sent me the link to KitchenWorksinc, where I could get authentic Cuisinart products. 

I did some research. First, on different recipes just to be sure I really wanted to try this out. Second, I read up on food processors. It turned out that this appliance was going to be useful for way more than just making my frozen yogurt/non dairy ice cream. It had so many uses that I wasn’t even aware of. 

I decided to go ahead and order the Cuisinart custom 14 food processor. It seemed like the right choice for me. I gathered some ingredients from the store to prepare for its arrival. I was pretty excited. 

When it arrived my first task was to make chocolate frozen yogurt. I combined greek yogurt with cocoa powder, semisweet chocolate chips, maple syrup, and vanilla extract. I had to let it sit for at least 4 hours before I gave it a try. That was probably the hardest part of the entire situation. 

When I finally got to try it, I was pretty impressed. Obviously it wasn’t straight up chocolate ice cream, but it was pretty darn close. I realized I wanted to try to experiment with different sweeteners, because it was clear to me that maple syrup wasn’t going to work for everything. 

The ultimate test was to see how it affected my stomach. If it didn’t make me feel queasy then it looked like I was in business. Luckily, I had no adverse reactions which was so exciting for me. I didn’t have to completely give up on the dairy!

I’ve continued to experiment with different kinds of non dairy versions of homemade ice cream and other types of frozen yogurt, and so far I’ve been in good shape. I haven’t loved them all, but that’s to be expected. It definitely fills the void that ice cream left. I’m so glad my friend recommended this to me!