Correct Solutions for the best Bone Density Treatments

Unlike conventional fractures, the fatigue fracture is not due to direct contact or an accident, but to an over-stress of a bone or one of its parts.In running, the repetition of the impacts with each stride temporarily weakens the bone matrix causing microcracks which consolidate between two workouts.

However, when the stresses are greater than the recovery capacity, these microscopic cracks can eventually evolve towards the so-called fatigue fracture.In running, the fatigue fracture represents 7.6% (men) to 13.6% (women) of lesions, mainly affecting the tibia and calcaneus (heel bone) then the metatarsals, the pelvis and finally the femur. So buy the right medicines for the same and make use of iherb indonesia now.

The Causes

Fatigue fractures in running are mainly due to an excessive increase in training load, an abrupt change in running surface (asphalt, track) or the wearing of unsuitable or worn shoes.

Women are more affected than men for several reasons:

  • Significant weight loss or the presence of eating disorders.
  • High ground reaction force and tibial impact magnitude.
  • A lower width of the bone parts.
  • Possible amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) or oligomenorrhea (scanty period <5 cycles / year).
  • A decrease in bone density.

The Diagnosis

The symptoms of the fracture of fatigue are rather classic, pain in charge and on palpation and possible redness and localized edema.The fracture can be confirmed fairly quickly by scintigraphy and MRI, or later by radiography.


Depending on the extent of the fatigue fracture, treatment can range from simple sports rest (4 to 8 weeks) to immobilization and a complete discharge of 6 weeks, associated with icing of the painful area and taking medically prescribed analgesics or anti-inflammatories.

The rapid resumption of a sport through sports worn is possible but that of running must be as progressive as possible.

The production, by a podiatrist, of plantar orthoses will relieve the painful area and / or correct any foot problems. Also buy the right medicines with the use of the iherb コード now.

Preventing A Fracture Of Fatigue

The fact of alternating several pairs of shoes like regularly renewing these (read the article again: when changing the model of running shoes ) allows to vary the loads applied to the musculoskeletal complex, both in location and in intensity, thus limiting the risks of over-solicitation in a given area.Regarding the actual training, it must be as progressive as possible, in intensity as in volume, and include some muscle building exercises.

Finally, a reduction in the amplitude of the race in favor of a greater frequency seems in absolute terms a good solution to prevent the risk of injuries and in particular of fractures of fatigue.The main recommendation of bone densitometry is for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases linked to bones, such as osteoporosis. However, the exam can also be requested to monitor patients who have had fractures or who have undergone some procedure that can lead to bone loss, for example.Keep following the article to better understand the indications for bone densitometry, when the exam can be ordered and the types of procedure.