Call Us for the Best Diminished Value Appraisal Austin Texas Offers

With the best diminished value appraisal Austin Texas provides, you can be compensated for the damage done to your vehicle in an accident that was not your fault. Our experienced appraisers are available to help you determine what your car was worth before the accident and what its value is after the accident.

When you own a classic or custom vehicle, the financial investment you put into the car is usually pretty significant. To help you recoup your losses after an accident in which another person was at-fault, you will need a diminished value appraisal.

Our appraisers are trained and experienced professionals who know how to appraise most types of vehicles, whether they are RVs, cars, truck, motorcycles, or boats. They have been certified as appraisers and have years of experience in the automotive industry that they will put to work for you.

They will go over every inch of your vehicle to determine what its value was prior to the accident and after. When you submit a diminished value claim to the at-fault party’s insurance company, you are asking for the difference in value between what it was worth before and what it is worth now. The appraiser can see all of the damage done to the vehicle and take into consideration other factors, such as customizations the vehicle has had done and the quality of any repairs that it has received, in their determination of the market value.

Using a database of the latest comparable sales, their knowledge about and training in appraising, and detailed, high-resolution photographs, the appraiser will compile a detailed report that will provide an accurate market value for your vehicle.

Did you know that you can also submit the cost of the diminished value appraisal to the insurance company of the at-fault party? This type of claim can help you get back not only the difference in value of your vehicle before and after the accident but also recover the cost of the appraisal itself.

Another situation in which you might want to get a diminished value appraisal is if you want to sell your vehicle after it has been in an accident. The appraiser can help you set the price of the vehicle at the right amount so that you will get it sold quickly.

When you’re looking for the best diminished value appraisal Austin Texas provides, give us a call. We look forward to working with you.