Best MBA College with Scholarship and Job Guarantee

It is not uncommon to see the so-called admission consultants promising to get gullible students of job placements with a scholarship abroad with international education, all in exchange for a little bit of money of course. For the students with not much knowledge, it is easy to get fooled by these consultants. While many Indian universities offer MBA scholarships with a job placement too for postgraduate students, do international students also offer the same? It is not wrong to want an international education with a scholarship and also a job placement at the same time. Most international institutes gave a career team that handles employability issues with postgraduate students. There are workshops conducted to prepare students and assistance with job offers. To help you save the time we have gathered all there is to know about scholarships abroad and job placements.

  • Stanford University: Stanford Business School has some of the brightest and best minds in the entire world. Each year many graduate job-ready and organisations seek out Stanford students specifically. Students are groomed thoroughly to perform their best in interviews. Prospective employers can go through the school’s website to look at student profiles. Stanford also has excellent scholarships on offer. There are MBA scholarships and scholarships for Indian students only. To be selected for a scholarship, the student’s academic transcripts are looked at and application.
  • Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University: From Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management have a career management centre where fresh graduates are connected with jobs. Recruiters reach out to the school with their specifications and the school matches with the correct students. International students make for 30% of the total student population and have no issues getting jobs. Kellogg scholarships are awarded at the time of admission. The school has a separate team that will match applicants with the best scholarship abroad. 
  • FUQUA School of Business, Duke University: Duke University has a long history of producing the best graduates for the business world. Its excellence can be judged by the fact that Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple graduated from FUQUA. Here students get interview training and other tools to get the desired job. Skills imparted will help students not only to get the first job after graduation but throughout their career. The Career Management Center handles all placements. FUQUA also has merit-based scholarships for students. Selected students get full or partial tuition assistance for each academic year.
  • Harvard University: There is no need to introduce Harvard University and the quality of graduates it produces every year. Students studying in the MBA programme get internship assistance and also job placement help when they graduate. Statistics reported by the university say that from the 2018 batch there have been 95% of students who received job offers and the median base salary was 140,000 USD. Recruiters flock in droves every academic year to recruit the best graduates first. To receive financial aid Harvard has a number of scholarships. There are need-based tuition assistance scholarships with summer fellowships for financial assistance during summer internship and financial support during career exploration.
  • Columbia Business School: For students looking to study at Columbia Business School has the Career Management Center that has a long track record of excellent placements. MBA students get help for internships and also job placements. There are workshops and one-on-one sessions to groom students to land the job of dreams. Columbia Business School believes their MBA programme is an investment and as such offer scholarships and fellowships to students. Scholarships amounts awarded ranges between 7,500 USD to 30,000 USD. Need-based scholarship awardees can get 20,000 tuition assistance.