An Introduction to Industrial Networking:

Networks use to transfer data, and industrial networking use to transfer data on the industrial level. In industries, manufacturing and production process takes place on a large scale so, a high level of the network is necessary to complete the factory assembly line,

Industrial networking designed to accomplish high-level tasks in a short period.

Industrial networking is necessary to increase production and to manage the other industrial process — industrial networking design to handle a large number of data in unrelenting environments over large installations.

Levels of Industrial Networking:

In industries, data flows from different levels. so based on functionality, there are few levels of networking are listed below:

  • In the first level, the information transfers between devices and technical processes. The information transfers from this level can be digital and analog. Several other field communication networks are available according to their response time an message size. In the field level, Fieldbus technology commonly uses in different industries. Fieldbus technology divided into the following categories HART, CANBus, Profibus, and Foundation Fieldbus.
  • This level is known as the control level. In this level, they manage the automation process, loading of data, and supervising control. This level required the high-speed transmission of data, short-period response, and machine synchronization. Some of the field buses also use at this level like Profibus. and ControlNet.
  • This is also known as the top-level in industrial networking because they collect data from the control level, and they use the information for the automation process. Ethernet WAN uses at this level.

Impact Of Industrial Networking On the industrial employees and society:

Industrial networking is not only useful to increase the production process but also helps the employees to reduce their workload. With the help of industrial networking, they can create enormous designs that fascinate the people, and they attract to buy the products, and this will be helpful to the government to generate tax revenue.