Amazon handmade vs etsy cost differences which you should know as an amazon seller 

Even though Amazon is the king of ecommerce, it has yet to conquer a territory. Despite Amazon’s scale, Etsy already has a large audience and specialized in handmade things, making it difficult to compete. When a shopper is looking for a handcrafted item, Amazon is unlikely to be the first place that comes to mind. To know more about amazon handmade and etsy you can visit the below link:

Customer feedback is important. They can significantly increase your sales by establishing the reliability of your products and your store. Customers can browse products based on customer reviews, popularity, price, or new arrivals on these platforms. Customers will have more confidence in your shop if you have clearly defined return policies because they’ll know what to expect if a product doesn’t meet their expectations. As a result, customer feedback and clearly defined return procedures will aid in the sale of your handcrafted goods.

Is it cheaper to sell on Etsy or Amazon Handmade?

To sell to the millions of customers who utilize Amazon Handmade and Etsy, sellers pay some charges. Let’s have a look at their prices and discover which one is less expensive.

  • Selling on Etsy: How much does it cost?
  • The listing cost on Etsy is $0.20 per item.
  • Each sale you make is subject to a 5% fee. Transaction fees are applied to shipping charges.
  • There are no monthly fees.        
  • Costs of Selling Homemade on Amazon
  • Each product sale earns Amazon Handmade a 15% commission, with a $1 minimum referral fee.
  • Homemade on Amazon Shipping charges are subject to transaction fees.
  • If you sell more than 40 non-handmade things on one account, you’ll be charged $39.99 each month.
  • Listings are completely free and never expire.

Despite the fact that Amazon Handmade gives unlimited free item listings, its commission cost per transaction is three times that of Etsy. The $39.99 monthly costs for certain accounts, as well as a $1 percent referral charge, raise the cost of using this site significantly. As a result, most craftsmen will find that selling on Etsy rather than Amazon Handmade is more cost effective.

What can you Sell on Amazon Handmade versus Etsy?

These sites allow you to sell handcrafted items, craft supplies, and vintage items. The following are the top categories:

  • Jewelry and timepieces
  • Gifts
  • Personal hygiene and beauty
  • Games and toys
  • Supplies for pets
  • Sports equipment
  • Artwork
  • Kitchen and dining room attire
  • Party materials and stationery
  • Handbags and shoes

When it comes to the dispute between Etsy and Amazon Handmade, delivery can be a deciding factor. On both platforms, the consumer is responsible for the shipping charge. Etsy allows you to sell things in up to 160 distinct categories, whereas Amazon Handmade only allows you to sell products in 14 narrowly defined areas. The procedure of becoming an Etsy seller vs. Amazon Handmade vendor differs significantly. It’s significantly easier on Etsy, however on Amazon Handmade, you’ll have to go through an application procedure.