All about the age of globalization and the increasing need for technology:

The current age is the age of globalization. And one of the key aspects of globalization is to implement new technologies. You see only with technological advancements can you actually expect to compete with the global competition. Now one of the key factors in today’s technological field is to harness the issue of connectivity. You see connectivity actually holds the key towards achieving the maximum potential in your business. And connectivity in today’s modern setup requires three things. First requirement is that you have viable internet connection. Because internet is basically the medium over which machines connect. The second thing is to have access to cloud services. This is to ensure that all the data related to your business is stored safely on cloud platforms.

Things one should know about single core server systems:

Now when it comes to servers for businesses, it is wise to go get a basic knowledge on servers. There are basically three major types of servers. The single socket of single core server is the most basic one and we preferred for small businesses. Single core is perhaps the best option if you own a small business because though more cores imply more data processing and analysis, the costs are high too. One socket servers can offer similar outcome as that of a dual core server but with reduced cooling requirements, lower power requirements and also the hardware cost is low.

Here’s how you can get the single core servers in Thailand with ease:

The use of one socket servers increased from 2016 and now in Thailand small and medium-sized businesses are installing these servers. Now when it comes to finding the best one socket server you can only rely on Dell PowerEdge R340. It is now available in Thailand over the internet. So make sure to pay a visit to the website and order it at the comfort of your home.