A Simple Guide to Welcome Bonus

The competitive nature of online gaming has seen a rise in welcome bonuses in recent years. Here are some of the critical information you need to know about the welcome bonus.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus is a reward online casinos offer the users upon joining. The type of welcome bonus varies from sites to sites. Most gaming sites tend to provide additional gaming hours, a percentage of the first deposit, or free spins for the welcome bonus. Top online casinos like 918kiss offer 30% of your first deposit as the welcome bonus.

Other than offering a percentage, some casinos are willing to match your deposit but at a limit.  Any amount below the threshold comes with a 100% matching value. The amounts above the ceiling are rated the same as the limit.

Even though most sites automatically include the welcome bonus on your account, others require you to claim it manually. The different sites also provide for the types of games you can play using the welcome bonus and the validity period. To avoid missing out on the bonuses, read the terms and conditions of the site. The other option is to contact customer support in case of any concerns.

Tips to Find the Best Welcome Bonus

  • Shop Around

You already know that different online casinos provide different welcome bonuses using different mechanisms. Look around for the one that provides the highest value. If it allows for deposit matching, then it should allow higher limits. The intense competition also means that casinos are prone to changing their welcome bonus provisions from time to time. Stay vigilant to make use of improvement or any promotions.

  • Decline Offers you Don’t Like

The thought of letting go of free money is not fathomable in most cases. Well, that is not the case with online casinos. The availability of several sites allows you the freedom to only sign up based on your comfort. Still, some online casinos like 918kiss Malaysia offer unbeatable welcome bonus terms.

  • Use Real Money Before Bonus

While it might seem using the bonus before real money is the safest way to gamble, the gaming sites won’t make it any easier. Most of the sites dictate an amount you have to spend before you can withdraw. For safety, spend the real money such that you can withdraw at any time. You are free to forfeit the bonus if need be. This works best for experienced gamers.  New gamers can use the bonus to train, then start using real money after they get the hang of the game.

Bottom Line

Welcome bonus makes joining online casinos attractive. Before you commit to any site, take your time to ensure you are comfortable with all the welcome provisions. Also, keep looking around for changes in the welcome bonuses of different gaming sites.