A Brief Guide to the Types of Search Engine Optimization

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can help in getting a better understanding of search results. There are currently four main types of SEO. They are White Hat, Black Hat, Grey Hat, and finally Negative SEO. All of these take different amounts of time to see the results, time, cost, risk, as well as value. Below are the descriptions of these five kinds and examples of their services.

The Types of SEO

White Hat is a type of SEO that strongly follows search engine guidelines. With that in mind, they have fewer chances of having negative impacts from search engine algorithm updates that happen during a year 500-600 times. This type of SEO includes writing content that helps its users accomplish tasks. However, this one takes more time and is more expensive to function as a result. On White Hat, there is a longer wait for results because there are no cheats and shortcuts included. Examples of respected SEO and content marketing companies are Moz, Search Engine Watch, GSQi, and SEMrush. They all utilize and recommend to others the tools and techniques of SEO.

Black Hat

Black Hat optimization is the opposite of White Hat. With Black Hat, there is a risk of your work will be removed from the search results. This one costs less because of the shortcuts used that go against Google Webmaster Guidelines. Also, at a fast pace, the value can be returned. But there is a risk it will not be sustained. There are several types of Black Hat SEO. One of them is stuffing or hiding keywords. Another example is plagiarism or using other people’s work without permission.

Gray Hat

A third example, Grey Hat SEO, can be found in the middle of White Hat and Black Hat. The tactics of this type are not called out specifically in the Guidelines of Google. There could be paths that could lead to trouble, for example. One example is clickbait, which invites users to press a link that takes them to a site with no value.


One last example is called Negative SEO. This one uses black or grey hat SEO techniques on another person’s website with harm intended. This tactic can be used to move up in the search results page. Examples of tactics on someone else’s website are negative reviews or even changing the content.

Three Other SEO Terms

Two other examples of SEO terms are on-page and off-page. On-page has to do with both website and content. The goal is to make sure search engines and searchers can look for, utilize, and understand someone’s content. Some quick examples are title tags, headings, and internal and outgoing links. Another example is the off-page. This one focuses on external ranking signals such as backlinks. One example is an incoming hyperlink that comes from an external website or an online directory. One other type is called “Off-Site SEO.” That helps both the influence and relationship of a website with others. That comes with strategies to build a reputation as well as the authority of the website.


Finally, the SEO Dallas Tx uses ideas such as big-picture thinking and innovation that is results-focused. That helps the influence and relationship of one website with other websites.