Nobody would want any part of their home — or their whole home — to catch fire. However, fire incidents can still happen. And according to the National Fire Protection Association, the United States tallies around 350,000 house fires on a yearly basis. Apart from the costly fire damage repair, Phoenix, Arizona, this unfortunate event can claim lives as the worst-case scenario possible.

To help you out, we’re dedicating this article to discuss the nine most common causes of house fires and how to prevent them.

Cooking and kitchen equipment. Cooking is an essential household chore, and as such, it’s not quite surprising why it is one the main causes of many home fires in the country. From pots that can overheat to paper towels and food packaging materials that can catch fire, you have to be mindful of a lot of things when using the kitchen. Make sure to remove any flammable object around cooking areas.

Lighting and electrical systems. Electrical fires are also a common type of house fires — and these are typically attributed to faulty wiring and improperly installed lighting and electrical components. To prevent this one, have your electrical system inspected and maintained by a qualified technician.

Heating equipment. If you ask a company that provides fire damage repair, Phoenix, Arizona, one of the common issues they fix are damages caused by heating equipment. It’s a must to clean and inspect your heating system regularly. If you use a space heater, place it away from combustible objects like curtains and bedding.

Flammable liquids. Paints, fuels, and cleaning agents are also considered flammable liquids. They can easily ignite even with just the presence of high temperature. Store them properly — preferably outside your home, in a cool and ventilated area.

Children playing with fire. Kids are naturally inquisitive, so always keep an eye on them. Several home fire incidents are actually caused by children who were playing with matches or lighters.

Careless smoking. It’s not only kids that can accidentally cause fire, teens and adults too can be the main culprits. Did you know that smoking is the leading cause of home fire deaths in the US? This is commonly accompanied by possible alcohol-related impairment. If you will smoke, make sure to smoke outside your home and that the cigarette butts have been extinguished in their entirety.

Candles. Fire damage repair, Phoenix Arizona can be costly, especially if the extent of the fire is huge. One of the household items you should be mindful of to avoid a fire incident is the candle. Never leave them unattended and place them in a sturdy candle holder and make sure that the fire in any candle in your home has been completely put out.

Christmas trees. Christmas trees are supposed to make homes cozier during the holidays. But they can also be a serious fire hazard — whether it’s about a plug overload or overheating light bulbs. Before heading out or sleeping, don’t forget to unplug your Christmas tree lights.

Fireplaces. Traditional fireplaces also put your house at risk of catching fire. Never place something that’s highly flammable near this part of your home. When in use, see to it that the flue is unblocked and the grate and grill are properly in place.

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