7 Best Emojis To Send To Your Special Someone

If you have a partner or you may be flirting with someone, then you might want to know these emojis and their meanings behind it. If you have someone who frequently uses emojis to express what they feel, the ones often used can mean quite more about you and your partner’s personalities and feelings. Here are seven emojis that you should check out. Also, it should be noted that having norton mobile, an anti-virus application on your smartphone can make it more secure and safe to use when sending files along with  emojis to your loved ones.

The Rose Emoji

Sending rose emoji represents love and affection, acting as if you are giving flowers virtually to someone close to your heart. Rose emojis are often sent to people because flowers stand out on an empty field because of its unique floral scent and beauty. Sometimes it is used for valentine’s day, wedding day, greetings, and other special events taking part in people’s lives.

If your partner is celebrating his or her birthday and for some reason, you are greeting through via messages, you can send a rose emoji. A rose emoji to this day can mean more like a real beauty, being tender and loving. 

The Smiling Heart Eyes Emoji

Being extra romantic and showing love to your partner by sending heart-eyed cute emojis is not bad. Sending this emoji means that you are comfortable with the person you are sending this to. This emoji can also describe how you like an object or a person so much. If your partner sent a pic of his outfit and loved it, you can send heart eyes to him or her. You can use this when sending a compliment to other people. 

The Blushing Face Emoji

The person who often uses this kind of emoji will hold the relationship together. It even starts leveling up a relationship once someone sends this emoji. This Blushing face Emoji means that a person is interested in what you are talking about. It may be a reaction to whatever compliment the person has said. You may also use this when you’re flirting with someone. 

People who use this tend to have a happy-go-lucky personality in life. According to other articles, people who often use this kind of emoji are optimistic in some ways and look at things on the brighter or positive side of life. 

The Flirty Kiss Emoji

This emoji is most likely to be one of the flirty emojis you can send to your partners. People who send this often know what they want from a relationship, life long friendship, or maybe just implied to life. 

People who send kissing lips emoji are said to be straightforward, bold, affectionate, flirty, and loving. Once you send this kind of emoji to your partner or people that you love and care about the most, they already know what it means.

The Fire Emoji

When you excite your partner on something they are sharing or currently doing, you can send fire emojis to boost their energy or confidence level. People who send these know their wants, likes, and needs in life. If you truly love your partner, sending him or her this fire emoji can boost them. 

The Ghost Emoji

Being silly in a relationship can make the bond stronger than ever. Showing your goofy side to your partner will make both of you more comfortable with each other. People who send ghost emojis love to make their partners or special someone laugh. If you want to share a good laugh with your partner by telling a joke, add a ghost emoji to make it even better. 

The Red Heart Emoji

A red heart emoji is claimed to be a classic in all colors of emoji ever created. In case you didn’t know, every color of the heart emoji represents something. This Red Heart Emoji will show the sincerity side of a person. Sending a red heart to your partner can make his or her day without you even trying. Couples always use this type of emoji if they want their partners to feel loved. 

Besides using or sending it to your partner to show love, there are many meanings when using this specific heart. Sending this shows you are supporting the love of your life in whatever he or she is doing. If they are feeling down, you can send red hearts to cheer them up slightly.

Use emojis to make people feel loved

There are many emojis for you to choose from, but these emojis can mean more if you are in a relationship. A simple emoji added to a message can spice things up and make it more meaningful than sending plain bold texts. Emojis come in handy if you have difficulty finding the words to express what you truly feel. Whenever you send a text message to your partners or loved ones, adding emojis can make it look alive. Show your love to your partners by using these emojis.