The Christmas season is fast approaching and it’s time to think of how to decorate the home for this year’s holiday season. While many wait until Thanksgiving is done, or until the first day of December rolls around to start decorating, it’s always better to have some ideas on how to make the home look more festive long before the decorations are removed from the box.

These are some of the biggest Christmas trends for 2019 that you might inspire you while planning this year’s theme:

1 – Natural Decor

Since going green is one of the biggest trends this year, many homes are in love with using natural items as their holiday decor. The use of twigs, bark, branches, and pine cones gives a home a simplistic and natural holiday atmosphere.

2 – Warm Colors

Opting for soothing warm colors such as yellows and oranges is also replacing the need for flashy and metallic ornaments. Using warm colors makes the home feel more welcoming and soothing, rather than overly bright and aggressive.

3 – Dark Colors

Other homes who love dark hues such a purple, forest green, and dark blue are also choosing a dark theme over sparkly and bright options. Dark colors when used correctly can be just as festive as brighter colors.

4 – Minimalist Decor

As mentioned before, most people don’t want to go too extravagant this year. A minimalist and simple decoration theme is also a big trend for 2019.

5 – Personalized Ornaments

In the spirit of reusing, family Christmas ornament is also a trend worth exploring. Ornaments that are personalized can be used year after year since they hold a special meaning, which reduces the need to purchase new decor every year.

6 – Large Figurines.

Other homes who want to make an impression forgo small decorative pieces and go for larger figurines instead. With a large angel or reindeer on display, there’s really no need to go all out with other pieces to avoid looking tacky.

7 – Food Ornaments

Aside from family Christmas ornament, food, especially sweets are perfect for ornaments. They are cute, festive, and almost too delicious that you’ll forget they’re made of plastic!

8 – Fake Christmas Candles

Fake candles are perfect for additional decor around the holidays. Christmas lights were once candles on trees, why not bring back this tradition without the fire hazard?

9 – Snow Globes

A Christmas classic that deserves the spotlight: snow globes. Simply add a few snow globes here and there, and you’ll have an easy and festive home for the holidays.

10 – Rustic Chic

The farmhouse atmosphere is also a major trend for homes this holiday season. Wrapping gifts in brown paper and using flannel ribbons tie the whole look together.

11 – Vintage Ornaments

Forget about polishing old and tarnished ornaments. Their worn out look is perfect for a vintage aesthetic for Christmas.

12 – DIY Decor

Of course, DIY Christmas decor is still a major trend for the year. Everyone wants to save a couple of dollars on ornaments, why not make them yourself out of materials you already have at home? The perfect way to save money while also cutting down on holiday waste.

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