Leather Shoulder Holsters

Handgun holsters are commonly used to hold or restrain the unnecessary motion of the gun, from the place where it can be very easily withdrawn for immediate usage. Holsters are usually fixed to a belt or waistband. Today the modern method of concealing a gun has involved its attachment in different locations of the body like 3 O’Clock/Classic Carry, 2 O’Clock/Appendix Carry, 4–5 O’Clock/Kidney Carry, Shoulder/upper chest carry, Ankle carry, thigh/upper leg carry, Bellyband carry, Small-of-the-Back Carry, etc. The world’s most popular manufacturers of leather shoulder holsters are Safari land, DeSantis, Bianchi, Uncle Mike‘s, and Galco.

Leather shoulder holsters are a Classic way of concealing the gun. This way of positioning the gun was entirely used by the people in the late 1900. Detectives in movies and television, position their guns in shoulder holsters. This not only makes them look different but also gives the best position for their gun. This position offers unique features which attract users. Shoulder holsters are the choice of many officers who spend most of their time walking or running to catch a thief or officers sitting under a desk for a long time or officers who sit in a vehicle and travel a lot. 

What makes the leather shoulder holster unique

Leather shoulder holsters are Universal fitment as they are compatible with almost all handguns.  The high position of the shoulder holster allows to concealment of the gun under a jacket. This position is more comfortable because this makes the gun so comfortably seated in position and also easy for immediate use than an inside-the-waistband or paddle holster.

Leather Shoulder holsters provide a concealed way to carry large handguns which could not be positioned in ankles or pants. The design of this holster makes it easy to switch between left and right shoulder placement. The belts loop present in the holsters helps to increase stability. A few holsters have a traditional harness that wraps tightly around each arm replacing the belt loop.

The correct way to wear Leather shoulder holsters

The holster should be worn like a backpack. Slip each of the arms by the arm loops of the holster. Ensure that the crossed straps go to your back and that the gun is below your arms. Check whether the crossed straps are centered front-to-back, high up on your shoulders close to your neck. Tighten the straps of the holsters,

so they don’t shift and move away from your shoulders. When this is done, the next thing is to holster the gun.

Move the holster with the strap and position it below your armpit. The angle of orientation of the holster is important. The most widely used position is keeping it in the horizontal position under your armpit. This is because it is easy to take the gun off from this position. Ensure that you have not positioned your holster strap in the shooting hand. One last thing is that make yourself comfortable with the right holster from the market.

Leather shoulder holsters are the most widely used holsters among gun users due to their unique advantages.