Ways to Integrate Technology Into ESL Instruction

Gone are the days when an ESL teacher would stand at the front of the classroom with a stack of flash cards asking students to repeat words. These days everything is about technology and it’s important for teachers to think about ways to integrate technology into ESL instruction. If students have access to computers, either […]

Amish Culture – An Overview of Community, Religion & Technology

If you visit the areas of Holmes County, Ohio, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and LaGrange, Indiana you will find the largest settlements of Amish people in the United States. The Amish present a picture of strict culture and an attitude that is not conducive to compromise especially with the more modern and worldly culture that surrounds […]

Is it Time For Technology to Be Used in Cricket?

International cricket’s governing body, the ICC, appears to think that the answer to this question is yes. A referral system was suggested for the England – South Africa series, but the hosts declined to use the policy and so the forthcoming contest between Sri Lanka and India will be first series where referrals are tested. […]

Information Technology – Building Business for Small Website

While looking for any assistance or merchandise, the most common practice nowadays is to first browse the Internet. The popularity of the Internet has thus made it the largest promotional place to showcase assistance or merchandise needed by all. So, an online version has been included in many businesses which are offline in nature, and […]

Rewarding Careers in the Field of Public Health in Developing Countries

The majority of developing countries are going through a phase of development and are also facing numerous challenges at the moment. As far as the health sector is concerned, the top most problem is related to the poor functioning of the health systems and its solution lies in public health. Public health, is based on […]

Work Health Safety May Be Better At Union Sites

A recent study revealed that unionised construction companies are more likely to comply with work health safety procedures compared with non-unionised firms. The report found that unionised work places have higher no-lost-time and lower lost-time claims rates. It was also observed that unionised construction sites may encourage work health and safety reporting and reduce risks […]